Elite Barbs No Legendaries


Elite Barbs, Ice spirit, Bowler, Zap, Fireball, Archers, Mega Minion, Ice Golem.


So I hadn’the played CR in a while but I was playing again and I realized that my sparky deck now sucks, my lava hound deck sucks, and my other deck was never good. I decided that I would adjust to the new meta, but I don’t have any other legendaries so I made this deck. As soon as I figured out how to play it, I started getting only wins and draws and I’ve already gone up 300 trophies.

The idea of this deck is to counter everything your opponent does and then use your remaining cards to counter push.

Elite Barbs:

These are the main power card of the deck, but that doesn’t mean you should always save them or wait until you have them to attack. Use these to counter¬†and push, not just one. It’s also important to remember that these are NOT regular Barbs and should not be used as if they are.

Ice Golem:

This card is very cheap and has surprisingly good hp and damage. Mostly you should use it as a tank for other cards, but if an opponents tower has very low health you can go ahead and send it in alone. If they counter, attack in the other lane, and if not, their tower will be destroyed. It is also very useful for defending by pulling enemy troops or killing them with the death damage if they are low hp.

Mega Minion:

The mega minion is a great card for defending and then backing up a push. It has high damage but relatively low hp, so it’s good behind an ice golem. It’s good for countering things that can’t damage it like troops that can’t hit air. (Sparky, Lava hound, Bowler, etc.) It can also help deal with area damage troops like wizard and baby dragon.


This is one of the main counter cards in this deck. There’s a great guide you should definitely read here: fireball guide. In this deck you should mostly use it to counter, and also to finish of low health towers near the end of the battle.


You probably already know about the great value of Zap, so I’m not going to go into that. Use this to counter pushes with weak cards, and also try to have it ready when you push to kill weak minions, skeleton army, and goblins. This is especially useful because one of the most common counters to Elite Barbs is skeleton army. Paired with ice spirit or ice golem, these can finish off even higher level minions and other cards. This is probably the most important card to upgrade in this deck because of the HUGE difference it makes if you can one shot goblins (up to 500 damage in barrel) and minions, especially with the new goblin gang card coming soon.

Ice Spirit:

This card is best used by placing it behind a push and supporting your attacking cards. It can also be useful for leading enemy troops, freezing pushes, and pairing with Zap to kill troops.


These little archers are great for defending against high power, low hit speed cards, and make a scary push behind an ice golem that your opponent will likely over counter, allowing you to push unfettered in the other lane. They can also kill or nearly kill lots of air troops that your other troops might not be able to take care of.


This is the only card that I have some doubts about being in this deck, but I think that it is worth it. It should be used mostly for defense, breaking up your opponents pushes or getting the support troops, like witch, into fireball range. It is also good behind a push, but I would usually only do this if you already countered a push with the same Bowler or you know your opponent will likely respond with a horde of weak ground troops like skeleton army.

Pushes and Counters:

Time to go over the basic pushes and counters of this deck.


Ice golem+Elite Barbs+Ice spirit

This is probably my most common push. It can kill a tower, and demands attention, but the counter troops will be frozen and possibly killed by the elite barbs. Place the golem, then the Barbs, then the ice spirit, all at the bridge.

Ice golem+archers or minion, Elite Barbs

If your opponent keeps countering you, try this. Place the first two on the lower health tower, then when they counter (if they don’t, their tower will be nearly or completely destroyed) place the elite barbs on the higher health tower. That tower will soon become the lower health tower.

Ice golem+Elite Barbs+Bowler

Because of the high cost of this push, try to use it as a counter push when you used the elite barbs or Bowler to counter the opponents push. This push can be countered with a big elixer loss to you with a rocket, lighting, or minion horde, so if you know the enemy has one, don’t use this unless you know they don’t have it in their hand.

Other than that, you can make a push out of pretty much anything if you have Elite Barbs or ice golem to tank for your other troops.


Countering is one of the most important parts of this deck, so you need to make sure you counter everything you can as well as you can. With this deck, you should try to ‘take turns’ with your enemy at least a little, countering their push, then using surviving troops to attack them when they are out of elixer. I get lots of “wow”s from my opponents, and it’s when I counter their push completely and then take their entire tower that this happens.


Most tanks don’t do much on their own, so try fireball or zap the support (but only if necessary), then use a minion placed directly over the support, not the tank, for clean up. If the support is air troops, it’s sometimes better to use archers instead of minion. Now that the support is dead, go ahead and place Elite barbs because the support is dead so they will be at full health for a counter push.

The pushes from this deck, or something similar

Don’t be afraid to fight fire with fire. Just use the same troops they are attacking with. Yours will survive because of the help from your tower, then you can use them for a counter push.

Tank+graveyard or goblin barrel

If you do it right, you can use a Bowler to counter both of these. A high enough level ice golem can counter graveyard by gathering the skeletons around it, then killing them all when it dies. A high enough level zap can kill the goblins from a goblin barrel. You should definitely try to get your cards to a high enough level to do this, but it’s not absolutely necessary.


Use the elite barbs to counter the hog. if you don’t have them available, use golem. Anything else will let the hog do a good amount of damage but it is completely worth it to counter hog with whatever troops you have because they will still be at full health for a counter push.



Easy- just zap or freeze, then use Elite Barbs, or use minion.


Bowler, Ice golem


Just kill it quick. Use fireball if you absolutely have to.

Inferno Dragon

This one is trickier. You have to make use of Zap or freeze and archers or minion. Timing is important, and so is making sure your troops target the dragon first.

Ice wizard

Just treat it like any other card, except try to target it first when you can.


Kill it last if you can, and don’t ignore it, always counter a lone lumberjack


This one really doesn’t prove to be a problem. ¬†If it’s a tank, kill what it’s tanking for. If something is tanking for it, kill what is tanking for it.

Lava hound

Use everything that targets air you have. When it pops, Zap the hounds. Use Elite Barbs to kill any ground troops it is tanking for.

Things to Watch Out For:

In my last 15 games, I have 9 wins, 3 draws, and 3 losses. The draws, I was about 200 damage away from winning. All of the defeats had a witch, two of them had a giant skeleton, two had a mirror, and two had a rocket/lightning, if that means anything to you.

Well, that about concludes this guide. Keep in mind that it is just that, a guide. You need to use your own intuition in different situations, and do what is best based on the individual situation and this guide. For example, it is true that most tanks don’t do much on their own, but a giant skeleton does, so you should kill a giant skeleton before whatever is behind it.