Best Strategies for Clash Royale

Hello guys! I am William and I am here to tell you about a new Clash Royale strategy which I made about a week ago. This deck has helped me increase around 500 cups in 4 days or something! So, first of all I want to tell you that I have made this deck with some of my favorite cards, and I don’t actually find any replacement for any card in the deck. So, let’s get into it!
Let’s discuss some of the features of this deck. This deck can be used by almost everyone as it does not include of any legendaries in it. Also, there are many combinations in the deck which can be used in a push. Inclusion of Inferno Tower helps in takedown of extremely heavy tanks.


Elite Barbarians, Royal Giant, Skeleton Army, Fire spirits, Fireball, Zap, Inferno Tower, Minions.

Cards Breakdown:

1.       Elite Barbarians: They are the most important card of the deck, to be used mostly aggressively. Try using the Elite barbs mostly for pushing instead of defence. It is possible in this deck because they are mostly used to take out heavy tanks, for which you will have the Inferno Tower. They should generally be dropped closest to the river, as dropping them at the back won’t give much elixir for a bigger push, but alert the enemy what’s coming.

2.       Royal Giant: I personally don’t use it often in the first half of the match. Royal Giant kinda has the job to clean up the towers highly damaged by the elite barbs. However, this deck has some other great ways by which the RG can be used to damage the tower in initial phases of the match. I have given the combinations below.

3.       Skeleton Army: This is actually used to defend against other Elite Barbarians as a cheaper alternative to one’s own Elite Barbarians. Main purpose of this card in to be defence. I have given combos for this card below, but you should not expect the Skeleton Army to get damage on the tower in the combinations. You need to keep other cards ready with this for defence, as it is defeated easily by the most popular spell card, Zap.

4.       Fire Spirits: these are to be teamed up with the elite barbs, however can also be used with the RG. In my experience, I generally use it to defeat other masses like Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Barbarians and even Elite Barbarians( though they don’t eliminate Elite barbs, they can severely damage them).

5.       Fireball: It is normally used to take out Spawners, Elixir Collectors and sometimes severely damage Glass cannons like Muskeeters, Wizard and Witches. If the enemy Musketeer/Witch/Wizard is low level, a fireball can wipe it out in one shot.

6.       Zap: it is for defeating the most commonly used counter to the Elite barbs, the Skeleton Army. Also, it can reset damage of the Inferno Tower, or reset attack of the Sparky. I also like to clean up glass cannons which have already taken lot of damage by the fireball. It always takes them out. Also, it helps take out Goblin Barrel and Minion horde.

7.       Inferno Tower: It is for taking out the tanks like Golems, Lava Hounds and Giants. One reason I have this is so that I don’t have to use the Elite Barbarians in eliminating the tanks. I also like to place the Inferno Tower to soak the Spear Goblins/Fire Spirits from a spawner, which could otherwise have chipped the tower.

8.       Minions: These are important cards I suggest for using generally on defence, or if you have a tank on their arena, and you know that they are low on elixir. They help take out Mini P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, Knights etc. They can also eliminate Giants in a fairly short time. Also, if an Inferno Dragon, Mega Minion or Musketeer is in your part of the arena, you can use the Minions to chip damage on them, while your tower does the rest of the work.



1.       Elite barbarians + Skeleton army: Valkyries and Bombers are the main enemies to the Elite Barbarians. In this combo, though the Skeleton Army will be taken out, the Elite Barbarians will survive to kill the Valkyrie/Bomber AND damage the tower. There is no card I find other than the bowler which wipes out this combo single-handedly.

2.       RG + Skeleton Army: Skeleton Army is put in front of the RG to distract or/and take out P.E.K.KA, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Inferno Tower, Elite Barbarians. In the case of Inferno Dragon, the Inferno Dragon will first have to take out the Skeleton Army, and then the RG. By this time, RG would have done what it went for.

3.       Elite barbs + Fire Spirits: Elite barbs are expected to do damage, while Fire Spirits are there to protect them from Minion Hordes, Skeleton Army etc. Putting the Fire Spirits behind the Elite Barbarians forces the opponent to put mass troops only after Fire Spirits have damaged the tower, delaying the elimination of Elite Barbarians.


Keep in mind that all of these combos can be broken with a Zap and a powerful unit. However, inclusion of fast troops makes it difficult to take them all out quickly. All these combos are to be put down near the river, and not at the back, with either Multi-Drop or Quick-Drop.


Other useful tips:

1.       If you have Inferno Tower in cycle when the enemy places a heavy tank like Giant, Golem, P.E.K.K.A or Lava Hound, immediately push the other lane with any of the above combos. It mostly leads to heavy damage on the tower, and while the enemy has to place cards to defend your push, your Inferno Tower would kill the tank with ease.

2.       If you see a Giant, Golem or Lava Hound with a glass cannon like Muskeeter, Wizards or Witch, you can take out the glass cannon with Fireball + Zap. Leaving the Tank alone to be taken out by Inferno Tower or Skeleton Army.

3.       Try to use Fireball and Zap when you can hit the enemy unit AND the tower.
Thank you guys for reading this guide. I’ll try to put any new decks/tips I find over here. Till then, bye and take care!