Clash Royale Strategies for New Players

I climbed from 3k to 3k8 used this deck. The details of deck as below:

Three musketeers (9 elixis): tank dealer, creep dealer, and will take down a crown within seconds if they survive.  I usually use slit method (place three musketeers behind the king tower to  make push in two lane: one musketeer and two for other lane)

Mega minion: hog and tank killer. DO NOT use in attack, except for a counter push (drop mega minion to kill hog and perform a counter push). Ice golem + mega minion is a difficulties push to deal with.

Ice golem: defend and counter push. Great for deal with minion or minion horde. It also help to slow down babarians for archer to kill.

Tombstone: to lure giant, royal giant and hog. My combo for defense is usually: drop tombstone in the middle to lure giant, royal giant and hog. Drop Ice golem behind the giant  (same side with the tomstone) to distract the behind troops and archer in the other side with tombstone (near your crown tower to kill the support troops). Timing is important here. You must drop the archer soon enough to kill support troops before giant or hog destoy tombstone and later enough to ensure they do not killed by support troop.

Archer: main air defenders. The formula is drop ice golem to distract and drop archer to kill the enemy troops. You should consider the elixi trade off. Sometimes, archer alone is enough to kill enemy troops (for example: ice wizars). Unless you plan on a counter push, loss in elixi trade off is not recommend.

Zap: one of the most useful card in the game. For this deck, I mainly use it to kill minion hord (with support of Ice golem), reset Sparky, re-target the giant and royal giant to tombstone, kill skeleton army, re-target tower to skeleton (in combo Graveyard + minion).

Graveyard: tower killer in this deck. I used split for three musketeers and graveyard for lane with one musketeers.

Freeze: combine with graveyard for tower killer. Timing and patient is important. I rarely use this card before enter the x2 elixi stage. It also good in defends a gain huge push.

General Game plan:

First, this is a counter deck. The three musketters with 9 elixi trade-off is very costly if you fail in attach. So, counter is recommend.

My general gameplan:

If you have three musketeers and grave yard in hand, perform the Split+ graveyard:

  • Wait until you got 10 elixi (not 9, must 10 elixi): Split three musketters, patient and wait for your opponent’s reaction. Usually, they throw fireball (+zap) or lightnings, etc to kill the two musketters in one lane. Than you cast graveyard in tower with the one musketter. The point is to cast graveyard soon enough to the tower will target skeleton not the musketterr. A little practice will help. As your opponent already loss elixi in kill two musketter in the other lane, the graveyard + one musketters will deal a huge demage for tower.
  • If you do not have threemusketeers or graveyard, a counter will recommend. Wait the opponent to make the first move, counter it and then use the graveyard + three musketters.
  • For counter, i usually drop the mega minion for defends and when megan minion finished the attack troops, i drop ice golems + graveyard to cover for mega minion to attack tower.
  • At x2 stage: use three musketter and graveyard to deal damage to tower. Frezze to deal the final blow and cause surprise to opponent.

Counter for some deck:

Hog: drop tombstone to defends then drop mega minion or archer in case opponent use zap to kill skeleton.

Giant/golem: as mentioned above, tombstone to lure giant, ice golem and archer to kill support troops. Mega minion also use to kill support troops but archer will better for a counter push. For golem, you should save elixi to use three muskettees to defends for efficientcy.

Royal giant: tombstone + mega minion + zap as you need to kill him quickly.

Lavahound: when they drop lalvahound immediately drop three musketeers at middle near river to perform a quick slit attack. If they kill three musketters, use archer and mega minion to defends.

Quick cycle deck: Be patient when opponent use quick cycle deck. To counter again these deck,I usually split three musketters before the king towner to defend in one side and attack in other side. As they use cheap deck, it easily kill by musketters and the attack side will take advantage for this.

This is the deck I used to get from level 9 at 3000 trophies, to level 10 at 3700 trophies, and still climbing. I’ve created a number of lava hound decks since I got the card and I would say this is my favourite. I’ve heard this kind of strategy called the ‘airfecta’, using the hound, mega minion, and baby dragon, so I’ve taken that general idea and the reason behind and made a few decks like it. It is a little legendary heavy, so I’ll talk about substitutions later.



So the hound is used as a tank, its damage is very low so it’s just a sort of meat shield for high damage units. In some cases it could be used to block damage from your opponent’s offense. Start pushes with a hound in the back corner, not behind the king tower. If it starts in the back corner it might not be pulled by enemy buildings, which is beneficial. Until double elixir, never drop the hound until your bar is full. Wait until it gets to the bridge before placing support units, it gives the opponent less time to think and guarantees that support troops will not get ahead of the hound and be targeted by a tower.

Baby Dragon

The only splash damage troop in this deck so it does need to be used wisely. Use it behind the hound, and further back than you may think. It is a fast troop so you don’t need to worry about it being too far behind the hound. The worst mistake that can be made is putting the dragon directly behind the hound, and having the opponent drop a minion horde once the baby dragon locks on to the tower. The baby dragon should be in the far back of your push, you want it for support and not tower damage. Use the baby dragon for defense first and foremost. It’s better to have no one take damage than it is to lose a tower and deal mediocre damage to theirs.

Mega Minion

The other main defense and support unit. The ideal push is lava hound in front, mega minion behind, and baby dragon in back. You rely on the mega minion for support and tower damage, but it’s susceptible to swarms and is easily distracted. This is the card you really want to protect, use a baby dragon to kill swarms for it, even use a hound to take damage taht would have otherwise been on the mega minion. It works well on defense, use it for hogs, miners, mini pekkas, musketeers, sparky, etc.

Inferno Dragon

The inferno dragon will be used primarily for defense, wherever an inferno tower might be. Like the mega minion, you want to keep it alive as long as possible. Use the spells to get rid of swarms and use other troops to take damage for it. It can be used on offense once double elixir hits. Don’t try it before, it’s a bit of an investment and usually doesn’t work.


To be used as it usually is. Good to put on a tower before the hound pops, use it to take damage for other troops. Also used to kill units behind towers(princess, archers, even musketeer). And if there’s nothing else to do, just use it to chip at a tower.

A tip on miner placement: While both of your opponent’s towers are still up, change your miner placement each time, it makes it more unpredictable and gives you a higher chance of getting the miner to target the tower. If one tower has been taken, place the miner on the corner of the arena tower furthest from the king, this tile is out of range of the king so he’ll last longer.

Are there any bad things to say about the lumberjack? His dps is very high and he rages everything when he dies. Use the lumberjack once you’ve gotten everything else together, or as a quick damage card if you know they’re low on elixir. A level 1 lumberjack will deal 1000 damage in under 4 seconds, it’s devastating if you get it to a tower.


Fireball and zap are almost always in my deck. I find them to be the most versatile spells, and compliment most decks very well. My rule is usually to only use a fireball when I can hit 3 or more targets, including a tower. If the opponent had a musketeer and an ice wizard in front of their tower, I would definitely fireball, and maybe even zap too. Fireball is also good for finishing off a tower where zap won’t cut it.


A fairly simple utility card. Use it to reset inferno towers and sparky, kill low hp units, make units retarget. Can also be used in tandem with a fireball to kill musketeer, witch, wizard, mega minion, barbarians, etc.


The lava hound is the root of the deck so it’s necessary. The inferno is quite unique so it is required as well. The lumberjack can be subbed out for mini pekka, valkyrie, or even hog rider.

The miner is also fairly unique but it’s not as important, so it can be subbed out for tombstone(preferable), knight, or ice golem.

Further notes

Countering 3 musketeers

If you’re playing someone who has a three musketeer deck, save your fireball and zap and try to keep 6 elixir all the time. You can usually predict when the musketeers are coming, as they will not deploy anything for a while. When you see this, be ready. As soon as you see the musketeers, fireball and zap while the fireball is getting there. Done correctly, the musketeers will go down having only shot once, and you will have gained 3 elixir in the trade.

General defense

If the opponent has a large push set up, use the hound to distract support units, kill the tank with an inferno dragon, and use baby dragon or mega minion depending on what their support troops are.

Counter pushing

This mostly applies to double elixir. A lot of the time while you’re defending, once all of their troops are gone and they’ve killed your hound, your defense is still alive and they can quickly turn into support troops by putting another hound in front.

This deck is made mostly of air troops, it takes advantage of how most decks don’t have enough air defense to deal with it all together. Once every air troop is together, few can stop it.